About US


We are a private company specializing in E-Wallets (Digital Wallets). Our e-commerce platform allows customers to purchase event tickets, recharge their mobile phones and send invoices. Additionally, we offer customers an in-app wallet where they can send and receive money.

We recognized the vast impact and role of technology today and the growing demand to provide convenient and secure services. We've combined and enhanced our technology-based services to deliver a simple, secure, and overall better experience.

Our expertise in this regard continues to be enhanced by our in-depth and in-depth understanding of the policy and legal regulatory framework of digital e-commerce ecosystems. We offer solutions that respond to today's problems and challenges as well as to promote better services and the trend toward a digital economy.

Our Vision

Over the next 5 years, EziPay Wallet will become the most trusted digital e-commerce platform ever.

Our Values

·        We are a committed, efficient and trustworthy digital e-commerce platform.

·        We encourage continuous innovation to meet the challenges of our society.

·        We develop a collaborative environment to cross borders through digitalization.

·       We value and respect our customers, shareholders, and employees to increase integrity and loyalty to our social role.

EziPay is bound by the legal framework of data protection law and duly registered as a data controller under the laws. 

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